The Vega was parked on a busy street in a semi-residential area in a part of Eugene, OR that doesn't have a bad reputation. I was quite surprised to see it vandalised as quickly as it was. I guess the people who like to do that sort of thing have an instinct for when a car is abandoned versus just parked. Needless to say, the city was quick to cheat me out of an opportunity to watch the disintegration of an abandoned car that close to downtown. It only took them 3 or 4 days to get rid of it. This only after the vandals had broken several windows, and the parking enforcement people had left several notices of violation.

Vega 1

It had only been parked for one night when I first saw it with one back window out!

The windows are nearly all gone now, after only a second night on the street.

Vega 2
Vega 3

I only got three chances to take pictures of the Vega before the city took it away!

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