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I've been obsessed with junked cars, strange custom jobs, and other oddballs of the automotive world for many years now. I've managed to get pictures from time to time. One of my favorite things to do, is when I see a car abandoned by the side of the road, to drive by it at least once a week and take a picture. This provides a stop-action photo-documentation of the car's disintegration as various vandals leave their accumulative marks on it. In one case, I even drove by with my camera at the instant that the hulk of an abandoned car was hauled away after 8 or 9 weeks of capturing it losing wheels, being rolled over, having the windshield smashed, etc. I also like to get pictures of some of the bizarre backyard customs that are created, the more sloppy, amateurish workmanship involved, the better I like it. Over time, as I'm able, I'll be posting some of my favorites here, along with some other pictures of interesting or weird mechanical oddities.

New stuff. Pictures from the 2003 Prime show!

Take a look at the some samples of past shows.

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