Weird Motorcycles


The Captain America Honda
The White Beemer
The Panhead
The Fatbob
The Chopped Honda
The Hog
The  Dragon Scooter
OK, I admiit it, I'm also fascinated with weird motorcycles!

When I'm at a biker rally, swap meet or show, I'm always on the lookout with my camera for the rat bikes and oddities that people have put together. The parking lot at a show is often more fun for me than the show itself!

Most of the bikes shown here were seen at the  Isle of Vashon TT VINTAGE motorcycle rally, sponsored by the Vintage Motorcycle Enthusiasts of Seattle, on Vashon Island in Puget Sound. I'm not picking on the VME, it's just that I don't have time to peruse the parking areas with a camera at the big OVM vintage bike show anymore, so I only get pictures from other events that I go to, and Vashon always has the largest turnout of interesting bikes. This year, I went to Sturgis for the 60th Annual Black Hills Rally. Quite an experience, although I don't care if I never see another "Arlen Ness" clone custom Harley on a trailer towed by a $90,000 motorhome as long as I live! There was one bike, however that caught my eye. See "The Hog" for a picture of it

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