Just a quick note to clarify why I think the first amendment is over rated, not to mention over-interpreted.

The first amendment is about individuals right of free expression, not corporations right of free expression. It doesn't say that any entity has the right to say whatever they want however they want to say it. Limiting campaign contributions doesn't limit the right of the individuals who might make contributions from saying whatever they want to.

It's also accepted that free speech doesn't exist when that speech causes harm to others, the problem is that the interpretation of "harm to others" can be difficult to establish. Just viewing some of the images that are available on the internet can be construed as being harmful to some people. While, as in the case of kiddie porn, there is genuine harm caused to the children who are forced to pose for the pictures that purveyors of such consider to be "harmless visual stimuli".


Last update was March 08, 2001