Pictures and story of the First Annual, Where are we meeting for dinner, tour of the Oregon Cascades and High Desert

This started out as a group ride to the Chief Joseph BMW Rally in John Day, Oregon (they just call it the Chief Joseph Rally, it's probably only been held once in Chief Joseph, Oregon), with  a night spent camping on the Cascades Lakes Highway prior to going to the rally. We decided to have a feast, with each of us bringing some part of the meal, and whatever means were needed to prepare it. That way no one had to bring much, but there was expected to be a good variety, and plenty to eat. Eight of us went on the tour, and it was so successful, that we decided to make it an annual event, in conjunction with our attendance at the Chief Joseph Rally. Mark your calendar: we will be holding it on the second Thursday in June from now on. Meet at L and L Market at 16th and Willamette in Eugene, for Breakfast at 10:00, we leave promptly at 11:00, unless anyone isn't ready, needs to go home for some item they forgot, needs to run over to the sporting goods store to get a nifty camping item that someone else brought that looks worthwhile, or any other excuse to delay leaving until at least noon.

The Rules:

1. You are responsible for your own welfare, no one will loan you water, sleeping bag, cooking equipment, fuel, liquor, or anything else.

2. Irrespective of rule #1, all food and drink is to be shared with others. Exclusions will be anyone stupid enough not to bring anything, let 'em starve!

3. You are responsible for knowing the route, and planned stopping point. The faster riders in the group aren't interested in waiting for you!

4. If you have a cell phone or pager, you must provide the numbers to other members of the group. Irrespective of rule #3, we don't want to lose contact with anyone.


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